Vision, Mission and Values of the Loch Lomond Watersports Association

As part of the development of the sports hub we have been advised to clarify what the association and hub aim to achieve. Following some late nights:


Loch Lomond Watersports Association Vision Statement

Our vision is of a home for water sports on Loch Lomond that enables more people to participate and enjoy them in a fun and safe environment.


LLWSA Mission Statement

LLWSA exists to manage and operate Loch Lomond Watersports Hub as a sustainable resource for local water sports clubs, communities and visitors to Loch Lomond. Through the Hub, the Association and its member clubs provide a range of accessible, safe and fun water sport activities to adults and children for sport, leisure or education in order to promote and increase participation in water sports, and the use and enjoyment of Loch Lomond.


Underpinning the Vision and mission of the LLWSA we will behave in accordance with our values.


LLWSA Values

Inclusion – Open to all and actively pursuing their participation.

Fulfilment – Advising, helping and supporting people to enjoy water sports, improve their abilities and reach their potential.

Teamwork – Working together to achieve shared goals.

Voluntary Action – Recognising the role of volunteers and empowering them to support the Association in its activities.

Respect – Taking account of everyone’s point of view and giving equal weight to their opinions.